Adopt a Room in Liberty hall

Residence 2015

Adopt a Room in Liberty hall

Want to make a specific donation which can be attributed to your family, business, corporation or in the name of an individual. Warrior Haven will calculate a specific dollar amount that will allow the entire room and its adjacent hallway to be renovated and made habitable.  Rooms are named after famous American service members or intelligence officers.  A plaque with the name of the donor  will be placed on the wall next to the door to commemorate the donor’s efforts.

The Liberty Hall has life support systems and nine rooms open for adoption


Life Support

New Gas Water Heating System

New Electrical Baseboard Heating


Solar Power System




First Floor

  • Common Room
  • Women’s Bed Room – Duckworth Room –  Named after US Army aviator who was shot down in Iraq with the loss of both legs and use of her arm.  Later elected a US Congresswoman.
  • Family Bed Room – Tengesdal –  Named after Lt. Col Merryl Tengesdal the first African-American U-2 Spy plane pilot.
  • Three person Bathroom

Second Floor Sitting Room (ADOPTED)

Agent 355 Sitting Room –  Adopted by a local Stottville family. Named after the Revolutionary War secret agent number 355 who reported movements to George Washington as part of the Culper ring.


Single Bedroom


Single Bedroom


Single Bedroom

Single Bedroom
One person Bathroom