Skills Campus

Skills Campus

The Skills Campus is comprised of eight present and future buildings where Veteran Farmer apprentices will receive skills training from sawmills, carpentry, construction, animal husbandry, farm machinery operation and general farm management.

Renovations are in progress and much of the work is done by the residents themselves.  Over the next two years, the apprentices will build out their own fitness center, library, veteran’s resource center, dining hall, Service Dog kennels, wood cutting mill and 12 horse stable.

Whaven buidlings map

Present Facilities

 Carpentry Hall

Kandahar  Carpentry Hall

Completed: Named in honor of the US Army Rangers and Delta Force jump into Kandahar airport this hall is a full-service carpentry craft center for woodworking, arts and construction projects.


Mike Murphy Hall

75% Complete: Named after the NY resident and Medal of Honor winner Lt. Michael P Murphy, US Navy SEAL. This is the principal public space and meeting room for the facility.


Fallujah Mill 

100% Operational: Named after the 2004 Battles of Fallujah where US Marines, Army, and Special Forces fought.  This open side facility is a dual-use wood mill and stable.


Horoho Hall

50% Complete: Named in honor of Patricia Horoho, the US Army nurse, and hero from the Pentagon attack who rose to the rank of Brigadier general and became Surgeon General of the Army.  This former cow-milking shed will be converted into a modern briefing room, dining facility, commercial kitchen.



10% Complete: Named in honor of the US Army Aviators of the 160th SOAR’s motto “Night Stalkers Don’t Quit”  it will be a two-level gym and physical fitness rehabilitation center.


100 Heroes Hall

0% Complete

This former hayloft will be converted into a large open public meeting space and library. it will have photos and memorials to 100 modern era heroes.

 Horse stables

Horse Soldiers Stables (Future)

To be constructed on the West end of the Fallujah Mill, this stable will house up to 12 horses and mules.


Bakara Market Green House (Future)

This greenhouse will be available to the residents for growing their own vegetables year round.


Shahi Kot, Tora Bora, Abbottabad Climbing Silos (Future)

These three empty grain silos will be converted into disabled and active veteran climbing center where climbing, mountaineering, and technical rope skills can be honed year round both indoors and out

dog kennel

War Dogs Memorial Kennels (Future)

This 12 dog kennel will train service dogs for all residents in need and other veterans in NY State.