Join the Program

Want to be a veteran farmer,  or learn carpentry, wood construction or animal husbandry? 

Sign up to a free one year apprenticeship at Warriors Haven.

The program is free of charge and funded from charitable donations and grants.  Veterans who are brought on as apprentices at Warrior’s Haven are enrolled in a year long farm and life skills training program called FAST: Farm Apprentice and Skills Training.  This program allows in-house resident and nearby veterans the opportunity to learn how to run a farm, swing a hammer and become competent in carpentry, construction and farm facilities management/skills.  When you are done you can run your own farm, build a house or ride a horse.

There are two program tracks to choose from:

Residential & Visiting Apprentice

Returned Veteran Programs

Mind, Body Fitness Training

Horses & Equine Therapy

Service & War Dogs

Art Therapy